Fashion for pregnant women

The best fashion tips for pregnant women. Take advantage of the comfortable maternity clothes. The fashion for pregnant women depends basically on the style of each woman, her figure and the time of pregnancy. The main recommendation is that you wear garments in “breathing” materials, such as cotton, poplin or twill (strong fabric with diagonal […]

Stretch marks in pregnancy

Stretch marks in pregnancy and other skin problems can be prevented by following four basic assumptions.

The medical consultation

In the second trimester, a monthly visit to the doctor should be scheduled, and it will review how uterine height increases, how blood pressure and all vital variables behave. The doctor will examine symptoms and look for signs to determine if they are expected changes during pregnancy or if they indicate a disease. Between 20 […]

Third trimester pregnancy diet

Because this is the stage where the maximum weight is reached, it is advisable to follow the indications of the third trimester pregnancy diet

First trimester of pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is fundamental in the development of gestation. Learn about special signs and how your baby develops.