Jealousy because a little brother arrives

The jealousy of the children when a new brother is on the way is a normal reaction. They constitute an affective state characterized by the fear of losing or seeing reduced love of other members of the family, especially the mother. Jealous children may have a variety of symptoms, such as regression to overdue stages […]


Sleepwalking is a frequent sleep disorder in children. This alteration occurs in the first stage of sleep. Sleepwalkers get out of bed and walk around the house, develop simple or complex automatic motor activities, with no likelihood of communication, and unable to respond intelligibly. It is difficult to wake them up though not dangerous. You […]

Your child does not talk much yet

retraso del lenguaje

In the second year of life, city children use an average of 300 words, which at three years increase to 1,200. With them they learn to express themselves comprehensibly, which usually begins at eighteen months with the first sentence. At age two they express their ideas through simple phrases related to food, near objects or […]

The right kindergarten


To choose the preschool it is necessary to go beyond knowing the educational content and find a place where your child feels happy, safe, respected and motivated. All this builds your skills and abilities to learn. Before going out to review the different establishments, determine what your priorities, fundamentals and circumstances to make a choice. […]

Bathing with your child

The habit of bathing with children can have many reasons. Among others, the opportunity for parents to supervise the hygiene of their children. Some parents initiate this behavior motivated by recommendations they see in the media, but this choice must be determined by the desire of families who should feel comfortable at the time of […]

Reflux in infants

Reflux is one of the most common health problems of babies, although it can occur at any time in life and it is very important to detect it early because it contains acids that irritate the throat, ear, sinuses and bronchi, so Can greatly congestion your little one.

Sphincter control

Although it may occur earlier in some children, sphincter control is achieved after the second birthday, when you should raise this habit as an achievement of your child and not as an obligation. Trying to have the child leave the diaper before that age is a mistake because he does not have the capacity, he […]

The third year

An explosion of energy that can be routed positively. It begins the preschool stage and the children have a slower physical growth, but some very notorious intellectual, social and emotional advances. From three to six years, the average growth is three to four centimeters per year. The average weight of a Colombian child at age […]

Teaching values and ways

A girl or boy who has barely reached one year does not yet have the capacity to conceptualize and internalize what is a value or a modal. At this age, one learns by copying the example of the parents.   It’s worth spending your time explaining to your 15-month-old that he should not spread his […]


That your baby enjoys good health depends largely on feeding during pregnancy. Find detailed nutrition information that you should carry during this important stage.