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Mi manual del bebé es una publicación creada por un destacado equipo de especialistas de la salud. Esta guía te acompañará desde la preconcepción hasta que el niño tenga 36 meses de edad. Contesta las preguntas más frecuentes hechas a los especialistas, que se pueden manejar desde el hogar. Claro que debemos recordar, que no es un substituto de la consulta médica, ya que nada ni nadie puede reemplazar los sabios consejos del especialista. Pero, sí es un complemento practico, que te acompañara en la aventura más maravillosa de tu vida ´Ser padre´.

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The Office of Parenting

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The arrival of a baby involves changes in the daily routine of parents, some recommendations for this new life!

That your baby enjoys good health depends largely on feeding during pregnancy. Find detailed nutrition information that you should carry during this important stage.

There is a popular and deep-seated belief about the arrival of the children: to suppose that together with the birth everything comes in addition, that of “every child arrives with milk and diapers under the arm.” Those who have already experienced the condition of being dads know that this affirmation quarrel with reality.

The stork does not come alone, it lands with a happiness not known and gives us a love never imagined, but, regardless of how beautiful it is to have a child, you can not deny the alteration that undergoes the course that brought life. As important aspects as the economy, habits and customs are resent because they undergo a significant transformation.

Things that are so simple, but vital, like sleep and rest are altered, which wears out the quality of life. The disposition of free time, hobbies and other activities that served as a balm to take your daily life, are affected significantly because they are no longer available, with the same proportion and frequency, time, resources and energy. The austerity, the occupations and the exhaustion are moved to live with the parents.

If you do not have the tolerance and adaptability to the new lifestyle, these changes can undermine the family structure, to the point of collapsing it. Therefore, specialists recommend planning and organizing activities and not be afraid to ask for help from other people if it is considered necessary.

Avoid bullying: make lists (market, errands, medical checks) and use them to schedule activities on an agenda, distribute housework with other members of the family, take advantage of your baby’s sleep time to evacuate Affairs of the day and also to rest; Arranges the necessary elements for the routine activities of your baby (such as the bathroom) in the place where you will make them, to save time and efforts looking for things consolidated; Organize your baby’s clothes and diapers by size and have at hand only those of the corresponding age.

The condition of being parents is much more than participating in the conception or with the maintenance. It requires a high degree of commitment, dedication and selflessness, which is greatly rewarded if you establish orderly routines since your baby is born.

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