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Your baby between four and five months

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He is more able to express his needs and feelings of pleasure or dislike.

During the fourth and fifth months, your baby actively seeks out the company of the people around her. In addition, it is a period of greater boom of the voluntary movements manifested especially when gliding and turning if you motivate your curiosity by the objects that surround to him.

About a month, the weight gain during this period is 500 grams; Of size, two centimeters; And cephalic circumference (head), one centimeter. This is conditioned by good health and adequate food.

Your baby can turn upside down (ventral position) face up (back position) and vice versa. In the ventral position, by showing him flashy objects, he tries to crawl to catch them. Faced with a powerful stimulus, try to sit alone, but not yet. In a dorsal position, he plays with objects passed from hand to hand; Manages to catch his feet and sometimes take them to his mouth. He also enjoys looking at his image in the mirror.

In language, understood as visible and audible communication, during these two months, there appears the chattering, shouts of joy and often laughter. It imitates the sounds of people who speak to you and differentiates if they do it in a friendly or unfriendly way. Reacts when you call him by name and pay attention when you speak to him.

He focuses his actions no longer on repetition, as he did before, but on results. It initiates understanding from cause to effect, based on experimentation, through trial-error.

The mouth of your baby, still remains the part of the body of greater gratification and enjoyment, as well as of inquiry and knowledge of objects.

The necessary hours of sleep decrease and feeding is no longer so important for your baby; Has a growing interest in people and things around him. This makes you more susceptible to accidents by choking objects and falling from your bed; Therefore, requires preventive care of adults.

Confidence or distrust in others is reflected in their ease of eating, the depth of their sleep, and their easy bowel movements. Faced with difficulties in some of these aspects, it is convenient that you consult the pediatrician.

The control, monitoring and orientation of the process of growth, development and upbringing in the medical consultation should be your priorities. Always remember the timely application of vaccines according to the age of your baby.

Parenting Guidelines

It is very convenient to take your child to different places in and outside the house, describe objects that attract his attention, explain their use and allow him to manipulate those that are safe.

The affective bond with the person who cares for him is more specific at this age, manifested by the smile with that person, usually the mother, to later extend it to the father, brothers, uncles and people close to him.

The importance of giving rapid attention to the satisfaction of their basic needs persists, as well as expressing the affective manifestations that will strengthen their confidence and security in others.

The real and effective presence of dad, mom and people in their daily lives is fundamental in the initial formative process of your baby; The time invested in this will be of maximum individual and social profitability.

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