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Your baby in his third month

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The changes become much more noticeable, the movements begin to be voluntary and their interest in the world awakens even more. Learn how your baby has developed.

A healthy and well fed baby will increase about 700 g in weight, 3 cm in size and 1 cm in cephalic circumference (little head). Although its growth is not the same as the previous months, it is accelerated and requires good nutrition with breast milk or industrial milk formulated by a doctor or a nutritionist. If your baby is not eating satisfactorily, you should consult your doctor promptly.

Most babies this month manage to hold their heads upright by holding them up vertically and try to take and carry the objects to their mouths as part of their recognition. Open and look at their hands with interest. They have greater muscular flexibility and their voluntary movements are replacing the reflexes. They emit guttural sounds (of the throat) and others, especially when they speak to them affectionately, and they babble. They realize the sounds they produce and have fun repeating them.

His smile as a social response no longer requires tactile stimuli, responds to the visual and auditory. Your baby laughs aloud and at the same time moves his arms and legs to show joy. He likes to be carried and walk with him, he follows with his eyes and his head to people and objects; Turns his head to look at the speaker, if he does not have it in front.

When you feel your baby without support, he arches his spine and falls easily. Lying face up, enjoy playing with objects using your hands. You will notice that he watches closely the motives of his bed and tries to catch them. Ringing your bell is an activity you perform with special pleasure.

Toy, at this age, is any object nearby that can catch and carry your mouth; If you can manipulate, suck and sound, you are more interested. Water is one of your favorite toys: splashing, feeling objects that float or sink and how water slides over your body, make the bathroom one of the most enjoyable moments.

Remember that games, encouragement and participation of other members of the household, favor the bonds with your baby and family integration; So invite them to participate by observing affectionately what they do, listening to their babbling and imitating them, carrying them, lulling them, caressing them, massaging them, looking into their eyes and talking to them, naming everything they see, moving their legs with pedaling exercises and the like . It is important to encourage the active participation of Dad.

During this stage of life interconnections are established between the brain cells, which favor their learning and serve as a basis for later learning. The affectionate and intelligent accompaniment to your baby is of vital importance for the progress in its integral development.

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